Newport Outdoor Group (YHA), (NOGs for short), is an outdoor activities group which has been providing easy walking and other outdoor related events since 1960.

The Group has received a grant from the Big Lottery Fund, so it can invite new members to experience ‘the great outdoors’. Group members have long known about the hidden historical gems ; the stunning countryside views ; the beautiful flowers and wildlife that are in the Gwent countryside – so why not come along and share in these hidden gems ?


NOGs will be devising a programme of easy, no-commitment walks under the heading “Get out into the great outdoors !” in the spring of 2017. Many people have probably only seen much of Gwent through the window of a travelling car – but now they can get up close to these countryside wonders with the help of the NOGs !

One member new to the Group said …

“I had no idea you could walk through such lovely countryside and that quiet country church had over a thousand years of history behind it !”

Getting out there is great for your health, as well as for making new friends. So keep a lookout for the NOGs getting out into the great outdoors in the spring !

New members are always welcome.